9 free beta accounts left


Purchases of custom amounts of space will be available at the end of our beta.

BlowFile offers a single plan based on a monthly fee: USD 0.05 for every Gigabyte of space, starting from 20GB. Some examples:

  • Start plan:
    20GB for 1$/month
  • 100GB:
    USD 5.00/month
  • 1TB:
    USD 50.00/month

Basically, it can't be simpler! You have only to choose the space you need, starting from 20GB. You can choose any amount, with steps of 1GB (e.g.: 23GB, 100GB, 104GB, 216GB, 1207GB). You can upgrade and downgrade anytime (before downgrading you have to free up the space that exceed the new, lower limit).

The minimum agreement is one month, without setup fee: you can buy some space, use it for some days and then delete everything and cancel your subscription. You will be billed for a single month of usage.