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About us

BlowFile is a simple private FTP service that bridges low costs and high quality for final users.
Out there are a ton of excellent file storing, sharing and collaborative services, with a wide range of features. But sometimes we simply need a place to store our files, and maybe share them with a couple of trusted persons.

BlowFile is exactly this: just open your account and connect to your space, using a FTP client of your choice. Upload your stuff and leave it here for as long as you want. Share your account with anyone you want: every BlowFile account supports unlimited bandwidth, unlimited transfers and 3 concurrent connections by the same user.

Simplicity brings also tiny prices: the barebone nature of BlowFile allows us to keep a tiny markup: just $0.05/month for every Gigabyte of space on your private FTP space, is even cheaper than Amazon S3, and transfers/bandwidth are not billed at all.

This service is offered by Raneri Web Design Snc, an italian company located in Turin. Our team work everyday to ensure that your data remain protected, reliable and locked down for maximum privacy and security. Our storage servers are physically located in France.