9 free beta accounts left


How BlowFile works?

Just signup (we are in beta-launch mode, giving away a special FREE 5Gb ACCOUNT for a year to the first 100 users!), confirm your email and start uploading your files using an FTP client of your choice (FileZilla is a very good one, and it's open source).

These are the details to connect to your FTP space:
host: s1.blowfile.com
port: 21
user: (the email address used during signup)
password: (the password chosen during signup)

What happens when I run out of space?
You will not able to upload further until you delete something from your space, or until you decide to upgrade your account to a larger one.
How can I upgrade my account to premium?
We have just launched and we are fine-tuning our systems. As soon as we'll stop giving away the initial free 5Gb accounts we will open our online payment gateway, giving the opportunity to upgrade to all our users.
Can I use my FTP space for backups?
Yes, of course. If your backup software supports FTP connections, there should be no problems using BlowFile as online backup.
Will you snoop on my files?
No. We respect the privacy of our users. Anyway, if you don't trust us, you can encrypt your files. Or you can use another service.
Can I upload pornographic pictures/videos on my FTP space?
You can upload and keep anything you want - it's your space. The only limitations are based on the italian law, that we respect and so you have to. We don't browse files from our users, but we will work together with institutions and police forces if we will be asked. So, uploading illegal material on BlowFile is strictly forbidden: if you will do so, you will get consequences.
Do you support SFTP?
Not at this time, but we are open to suggestions and user feedback: if we will receive enough requests, we will consider the possibility to add SFTP support to BlowFile.